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My last quarter Moon told me that it was during an unusual red Moon night that the golden fish came to raven in a vision...


Finding a Deeper Meaning Through Astrology

When I was nine, I began a lifelong fascination with maps, all kinds. As a teacher I loved those multi-type wall maps that showed almost everything you'd ever want to know about the World. In graduate school personality typologies never failed to grab my attention. Over the years I realized that what I do as an astrologer combines areas of study that have always attracted me. Since "psychology 101" one of my major pursuits has been that of learning how to continuously learn more about myself and others, how to increase my consciousness of who I am, and help others to do the same. I have found astrology to be the perfect guide for that endeavor. You can contact me at 505-690-1878 or email me through this site. Listen to my programs, Moonwise and Moon Minutes on!

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