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Moon Cycles

4 sessions $250

Moon Cycle Consultation or Nodal Cycles Consultation

A Moon Cycle consultation involves four sessions, one each week for four weeks, beginning the week of a new Moon, followed by week of the first quarter Moon, the week of the Full Moon, and the week of the last quarter Moon. The focus is on your habits and attitudes during those phases and how you regard them. This is a process of growth in self-awareness. A secondary outcome is learning the basics of horoscopes. You will be emailed materials.

A Nodal Cycles consultation also involves four sessions. Each session is about your soul's evolutionary path and also about eclipses in your life and how they form soul years. The first session is about the most important, overriding soul agenda which is addressed each year in what I call the soul year. Each of the other three sessions covers soul years throughout your life.

Personal Planetary Cycles

Personal Planetary Cycles:

Choose one of the Following:

1 hour  /   $150

Moon-Mercury Cycle: How you communicate your emotions. 

How your rational reasoning works with your intuitive mind.

Moon-Venus Cycle: How you perceive the needs and moods of others. 

How sensitive and caring you are.

Moon-Mars Cycle: How your energy affects your emotions or moods.

Mercury-Venus Cycle: How you communicate your preferences.

How you communicate in relationships.

Mercury-Mars Cycle: How your energy affects your communication.

Venus-Mars Cycle: How your core feminine and masculine energies operate.

yearly Transit Reading

Social Connections to Collective Cycles: Jupiter's Cycle with an outer planet depending on interest or issues involved.

Choose one of the Following:

Jupiter-Saturn Cycle: How you influence social structures.

How aware you are of karma.

How you aspire to succeed.

Jupiter-Chiron Cycle: How you promote healing/wholeness.

How you deal with problems.

How you learn/teach wisdom

Jupiter-Uranus Cycle: How you aspire to innovation.

How you seek new prospects.

How you promote discontent.


Jupiter-Neptune Cycle:

How you deal with spirituality

How you express your ideal compliance.

How you procrastinate or neglect.

Jupiter-Pluto Cycle: How you promote your evolution

How you influence corruption.

How you expand on compulsions


1 hour  /   $150

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