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SEPTEMBER 23, 2023

Autumnal Equinox & the Seasons Ruling Planets


First Quarter to Gibbous Aquarius ♒️ Moon 🌓to🌔: making the best of things

Monday September 25
The first quarter Aquarius Moon hopes benevolence will be just around the corner for everyone. Even a few joyful moments will do amidst many tasks to accomplish.  There is much on agenda lists at the beginning of this week, and it will take assertiveness and lots of effort to do it all.  At 10:43 pm, MT, the Moon enters her gibbous phase after utilizing a new approach in her first quarter of dealing with people in a more inclusive way.  Many things seem to have changed, and a cool attitude of response can transcend any irritation or even panic.

Gibbous Aquarius ♒️ to Pisces ♓️ Moon 🌔: seeing ourselves as part of a group

Tuesday September 26
During the early morning hours the Aquarius Moon shows off some unusual skills at determining what needs immediate attention and what doesn’t.  At 6:38 am, MT, the Moon goes void of course for almost twelve hours of restless, unpredictable behaviors.  Go with the flow; avoid demands on personal activity.   At 6:18 pm, the Moon moves into Pisces, focusing on the universally shared behaviors of we humans.  It’s best to fit in and flow with the groups encountered to avoid problems or curtailments.  

Gibbous Pisces ♓️ Moon 🌔:  exchanging our talents

Wednesday September 27
This Pisces Moon presents many things to explore.  We don’t need to have something in mind to plunge into it.  Things will just show up and attract our attention by their presence.  Some will be just what is needed to complete a task or goal.  Our presence might be that for another person who needs our input.  Each of us has something special which can benefit others.  Sharing such a gift is a privilege meant to be recognized by some of those we encounter.  Today is optimal for such exchanges.  They can best happen when we behave as if we are on the same team in such interactions.

Gibbous Pisces ♓️ to Aries ♈️ Moon 🌔: supporting others spiritually

Thursday September 28
This morning’s Pisces Moon inundates us with a vibe of supporting others by giving them what they want or deserve.  For those of us alone, this could be our thoughts or prayers for others.  Although not necessarily visible, there is always a hidden side of humanity that is precious and valuable.  Throughout the morning our thoughts can generate and access a vision of peace for all people.  The Moon goes void of course at 2:58 pm, MT, for over three hours, emphasizing the precious parts of our souls which represent the spirit within us.  At 6:17 pm, the Moon moves into outgoing Aries.

Gibbous to Full Aries ♈️ Moon 🌔to🌕: letting our spirit be seen

Friday September 29
The Moon left her gibbous phase this morning at 3:58 MT, and entered her full phase with the moon facing us completely lit up and visible in the early morning western sky!  She’s urging us to reach our fullest potential spiritually and physically.  The planets Venus and Uranus support this as well by drawing our attention to various facets of our individuality.  Throughout the day there’s support in aspiring to bring more of ourselves into acting as a spirit in human body.  Listen to Moonwise tomorrow at from 10:30 to 11 am, MT, for the weekend Moon minute.

Full Aries ♈️ to Taurus ♉️ Moon 🌕: attending to inspirations as well as customs

Weekend September 30 & October1
The full Aries Moon births fresh, exciting inspirations worth attention this Saturday morning.  There could be some dramatic or transformative encounters by midday before the Moon goes void of course at 3:50 pm, MT, for about three and a half hours of disorientation.  At 7:18 pm, the Moon enters Taurus, drawing our attention to emotional needs.  On Sunday our attention might be on family and cultural traditions for which we have unconditional acceptance.  Some of us assign special meaning to such rituals and feel security in preserving them.

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