Moonwise & Moon Minutes
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                                            MOONWISE September 24, 2022
                                               NEW MOON CYCLE IN LIBRA




New Libra ♎️ Moon 🌑: transmitting spiritual realities

Monday September 26
Libra’s planet Venus conjoins retrograde Mercury this morning in Virgo to socially engage and display an appreciation of reviving in-person gatherings and large group events.  The early part of today is optimal for shared perspectives and pursuits.  Good feelings and much pleasure can be exchanged.  And as the day wanes hidden possibilities come to light through creative interpretations of the day’s blessings which can also inspire us to connect to spiritual principles which have emerged in several settings throughout this Monday.

New Libra ♎️ to Scorpio ♏️ Moon 🌑: cultivating some longing

Tuesday September 27
As we awaken with this Libra Moon our surroundings might lack a sense of clarity, as there’s  something unusual about the start of this day.  It might be that our longings for the day are unattainable even though we can cultivate some aspects of them.  The Moon goes void of course at 10:21 am, MT, for almost seven hours of often straying from the day’s agenda.  It is as if several yearnings easily distract us.  At 5:15 pm, the Moon moves into the soul sharing of Scorpio for current exchanges of ideals to bring in new possibilities for group consideration.

New Scorpio ♏️ Moon 🌑: considering public human behavior

Wednesday September 28
The Scorpio Moon seeks our social settings to expand an understanding of human behavior.  So it’s favorable to get out and mingle, even if that’s just sitting in a populated cafe with a cup of coffee, and furtively watching others’ activities.  Other places, like the library, can also be good for viewing human traits, especially.  We might also notice if covid is still noticeably altering our public activity or has changed it in some ways.  Scorpio can bring up insights which may be useful in deciding how to bridge behavior during covid isolation time and hopefully a post covid time.

New to Crescent Scorpio ♏️ to Sagittarius ♐️  Moon 🌑to🌒: following our instincts

Thursday September 29
This Scorpio Moon may have offered guidance in last night’s dreams, especially if some distinctive trait was involved.  The interconnection between events or subjects encountered this morning can guide further pursuit on our part. The Moon moves into her crescent phase at 7am, MT, indicating that we be on the alert for what has changed.  We can see and understand patterns we often miss.  The Moon goes void of course at 3:20 pm, MT, for over six hours of selective exposure regarding our responsibilities.  At 10:03 pm, the Moon enters Sagittarius, broadening our perspectives.

Crescent Sagittarius ♐️  Moon 🌒: being alert yet connected to inner peace

Friday September 30
This Sagittarius Moon alerts us to some changes not yet manifested which will test our mettle.  It’s important to be on the look out for what’s stirring beneath the radar of our consciousness.  Future dark issues are weaving their way into public awareness.  They can be perceived by their similarities to past strife. Sometimes Sagittarius will go to any lengths to manifest possibilities.  The Sagittarius in each of us, however, can choose to go inward at anytime and connect to one’s inner source which can rise above outer stress.

Crescent Sagittarius ♐️ to Capricorn ♑️ to First Quarter Moon 🌒to🌓: focusing on personal interests
Weekend October 1 & 2
This Sagittarius Moon directs us to focus on our own interests, even when engaged with someone special in our lives.  This is the last full day of Mercury being retrograde, putting some issue it brought up to rest.  The Moon goes void of course at 3:46 pm, MT, until after midnight, making the rest of the day unstable unless a nurturing haven is found.  On Sunday at 1:38 am, the Moon moves into Capricorn which might produce in our dreams new possibilities to pursue.  At 6:14 pm, the Moon enters her first quarter phase when we need to consciously trust the actions we’re taking to bring about some new order in our lives.