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                                            MOONWISE FEBRUARY 4, 2023

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Full Leo ♌️ to Virgo ♍️ Moon 🌕: pursuing concerns about one’s conditions

Monday February 6
This morning a glimmer of hope arrives based on new realizations about present conditions in our lives.  The Leo Moon goes void of course at 7:15 am, MT, for seven hazy hours of confusion and foreboding.  The Moon moves into scrutinizing Virgo at 2:14 pm, assisting us in analyzing  what’s going on in our lives.  We can encounter beneficial conditions for expressing things which clutter our space and/or minds; thus clearing them for room to concentrate on better pursuits.

Full Virgo ♍️ Moon 🌕: sticking with one’s comfort level

Tuesday February 7
The early morning Virgo Moon reminds us that duty calls even though there’s a sense of some new enticements to follow.  The pull to pursue them is difficult to resist, but could get out of hand if followed.  It’s important to work out tensions today by being in the right environment, surrounded by supportive people who don’t pressure us to the point of feeling trapped, especially if the timing seems off.  There needs to be beneficial incentives to deal with challenges today.

Full Virgo ♍️ Moon 🌕: letting things settle in ideal ways

Wednesday February 8
This Virgo Moon wants to leave behind what is finished and involve others in looking for new projects which can support a refined and enduring social vision.  We can keep the spirit of that goal alive by cultivating mini versions of it in our daily lives.  Today is ideal for each of us to bring our personal views of social involvement to forefront so that they are no longer hidden but visible in some of our routines, creating a contagious vibrancy.  The Moon goes void of course at 11:40 pm, MT, for two hours of cosmic thoughts.

Full to Disseminating Libra ♎️ Moon 🌕to🌖: realizing the importance of sharing on several levels

Thursday February 9
The Moon moved into sharing Libra at 1:47 am, MT.  Perhaps some important people in our personal lives joined us in the dream state or awake time during this morning as the Moon’s full relationship stage was coming to an end.  At 1:06 pm, the Moon enters her disseminating phase when we might experience  and express hope for our common existence based on what has been shared during this Moon cycle.  There are several indicators of future conditions for life on planet Earth, and we can appreciate the many efforts for positive outcomes.

Disseminating Libra ♎️ Moon 🌖: exchanging good news
Friday February 10
Today’s Libra Moon may greet us with a sense of delight and encourage us to share some joyful moments of our lives.  Such exchanges can lighten some compulsive or obsessive thoughts which Mercury and Pluto might trigger in conversations this morning.  By being prepared to share enthusiastically today, we can deflect depressive exchanges.  There is, moreover, contagious enthusiasm worth spreading today.  Listen to Moonwise tomorrow at from 10:30 to 11 am, MT, for the weekend Moon minute.

Disseminating Libra ♎️ to Scorpio ♏️ Moon 🌖: recognizing the value of social interaction

Weekend February 11 & 12
This Libra Moon brings group processes to our awareness and the struggles that accompany some of our interactions with others.  The Moon went void of course at 9:41 am, MT, for almost two hours of blowing aside Libra’s ease of adjusting to the peculiarities of others.  Perhaps their behaviors will be invisible to us during this time.  At 11:34 am, the Moon moves into Scorpio, stimulating an interest in others and our experiences with them.  Sunday brunch can be optimal for connecting and sharing insight with others.


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