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Moon Minute for December 28 to January 3, 2021

Gibbous Gemini Moon: attuning to major goals Monday December 28 This Gemini Moon reminds us of our need to be affiliated with certain people and goals which keep us attuned to our major aspirations. It’s best to be alert today for signs of powerful interactions which cultivate our souls’ agendas. We might exhibit restless or agitated behavior which can be a sign that something is wanting attention, and it’s not out of our reach. Gemini can be easily impatient and forward looking. This part of us can, thankfully, usually find what is being sought. The Moon goes void of course at 8:01 pm, MT, until early tomorrow morning. Imagination can feed the rational mind.

Gibbous to Full Cancer Moon to: maintaining a comfort zone Tuesday December 29 The Moon moved into Cancer early this morning, encouraging us to make adjustments to whatever intrudes our comfort zone. This morning is optimal for noting emotional states when drastic measures are needed, such as abandoning a dysfunctional relationship. It’s important to take action that will put one in a good situation. Responding to one’s inner needs can be extraordinarily freeing. The Moon enters her full phase at 8:28 pm, MT, beginning to reveal how well we reach and maintain a state of contentment, no matter the circumstances which surround us.

Full Cancer Moon: finding satisfaction in everyday routines Wednesday December 30 This Cancer Moon awakens us with insights into psychological patterns behind our emotional reactions. We might think about ways to get more pleasure out of our daily rituals. Perhaps a commitment is needed to nurture an increase of creativity by exploring different ways of doing everyday things. More daily involvement with others might come to mind through the use of technology. FaceTime on the phone can be a companion as chores are being done. It’s up to each of us to be sensitive to our needs and find personal ways of fulfilling them.

Full Cancer to Leo Moon: daydreaming and considering some changes Thursday December 31 Early this morning the Cancer Moon may want to push us out of bed, but she goes void of course at 6:45 am, MT, suggesting we don’t rush to be up and about. We might daydream about the day’s agenda and slowly get into action. At 11:58 am, the Moon moves into high-spirited Leo, yet internal tensions might still hinder any progress. Some fundamental changes are challenging us. We might find ourselves questioning our plans, or even our appearance. Life is a drama, after all, and it’s okay to get fired up over the details. Internal “a-ha’s” can help us make connections and decide on some alterations.

Full Leo Moon: exchanging recent experiences Friday January 1 This Leo Moon urges us to exchange observations about shifts of energy observed this past week. Accumulating examples of others’ experiences might fill in one’s own perceptions, and also fulfill a need to confirm one’s impressions. It’s like a new drama is emerging in the shadows, and we each have a role to step into, based on inner promptings. Welcome to 2021! Happy new Year! Listen to Moonwise tomorrow on the worldwide web at from 10:30 to 11 am, MT, for the weekend moon minute.

Full to Disseminating Leo to Virgo Moon: recognizing how to maintain joy Weekend January 2 & 3 This Leo Moon spotlights inner longings from our souls to try something different. At 2:06 pm, MT, the Moon enters her disseminating phase when we might recognize what types of social engagements enliven and warm our spirits with delight. The Moon goes void of course at 3 pm, MT, for a little over three hours of burning off Leo’s fervor before moving into analyzing Virgo at 6:13 pm. As we go into the evening more insights about major energetic shifts are available. On Sunday many connections can be made as to how we are entangled with others, and how the roles we play bring joy into our lives. We need to understand how to maintain that happiness.

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