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Moon Minutes for January 11-17

Balsamic Sagittarius ♐️ to Capricorn ♑️ Moon: acknowledging the role one is playing

Monday January 11

The void of course Sagittarius Moon sends us a glimmer of freedom to shake off all the gloom of last week’s news. At 6:30 am, MT, She moves into stabilizing Capricorn, and we can stimulate our hopes for a more healthy approach to dealing with our crystallized problems. The planet Mercury informs us about the many roles each of us plays and how important they are, even when only one of them gets the spotlight. The Moon reminds us that we are not alone. There’s security in our togetherness. Unusual encounters today may be a resource for nurturing our beliefs.

Balsamic to New Capricorn ♑️ Moon: contemplating on options

Tuesday January 12

The Capricorn Moon presents all sorts of options to be enterprising for the day. But other planetary energies suggest we first consider articulating ideas currently emerging in our minds. Our preferences might be problematic and complicated. More thought might single one out to which we could easily dedicate our attention. We have a new Moon at 10 pm, MT, suggesting we seek a refuge, if only in our own homes, to seriously consider what kind of future we want and how to achieve something of significant personal value. The Moon goes void of course after midnight until mid-morning, sweeping off resourceful Capricorn.

New Capricorn ♑️ to Aquarius ♒️ Moon: focusing on spirit

Wednesday January 13

The void of course Capricorn Moon awakens us with inspirations about how to restore a useful habit. At 9:44 am, MT, the Moon moves into future-oriented Aquarius, pointing out to us the universal need to recognize that we are all one in spirit and that our separateness is only an illusion to hide that while we work out some karma. There can be moments today when our connection to others is palpable. As our perceptions of our oneness show up, we may question how to let more of our spiritual reality permeate into our daily lives.

New Aquarius ♒️ Moon: noting inspirations

Thursday January 14

The Moon went void of course early this morning and will be blowing off the humanitarian vibes of Aquarius until tomorrow afternoon. Many of us may feel extraordinarily spacey today and find it hard to concentrate on anything or even to leave dull situations. Avoiding structured tasks or any sort of organized engagements is the best agenda for the day. The Aquarius part of us can be very independent, and will probably love withdrawing from any demands. This unpredictable state of the Moon can be loaded with inspirations and visions to jot down for future investigation.

New Aquarius ♒️ to Pisces ♓️ Moon: being sensitive to social well-being

Friday January 15

The Aquarius Moon is void of course until mid afternoon, making it difficult to achieve the usual goals for the day. Yet supporting one’s lofty and humanitarian objectives may be done with refined sensitivity. The Moon extends that sensitivity when She moves into impressionable Pisces at 3:17 pm, MT. The rest of the day we are encouraged to spread good will through our efforts to show that we care about social well-being. Listen to Moonwise tomorrow on the worldwide web at from 10:30 to 11 am, MT, for the weekend moon minute.

New to Crescent Pisces ♓️ Moon: exploring spirituality

Weekend January 16 & 17

This Pisces Moon stirs our souls to explore our spirituality or at least our higher purpose for incarnating. She enters her crescent phase at 1:29 pm, MT, when a commitment is needed to pursue a higher purpose for living. People who have never considered such an exercise might turn to religion, while others might access an inner sanctum for guidance or go on a spiritual quest. The Moon suggests exploring metaphysics and intuitive tools this evening. On Sunday morning, She recommends sorting out philosophical or moral issues by considering emerging perceptions in our consciousness. The Moon goes void of course at 8:44 pm, Sunday, until after midnight.

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