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Moon Minutes for January 18-24

Crescent Aries ♈️ Moon : strengthening our spiritual connections

Monday January 18

This Aries Moon urges us to be thoughtful in our relationships today and, if necessary, strengthen our spiritual consciousness regarding them. We need to demonstrate that we truly care about the deeper energies which drive our lives. Our inner selves offer many possibilities; some of which can help us see through illusions. There may be a need to include a new or different perspective as we view those people presently in our lives—one that reflects a spiritual factor. We’re at a crossroads today for what is being sought in this lunation.

Crescent Aries ♈️ Moon : having an inner conversation

Tuesday January 19

The Aries Moon suggests we find our own personal rhythm for understanding and attending to the needs of our inner spiritual identity. This entails how we decipher the kinds of exchanges we have with our souls. Just how would we describe the ways in which that communication happens? Do they exhibit religious or philosophical concepts? By allowing imagination free range and improvising an outer self to inner self conversation, we might be infused with fresh ideas. On the other hand, however, we might be forced to see things in ourselves that we’d rather avoid. The Sun moves into Aquarius at 1:40 pm, MT, urging us to evolve.

Crescent Aries ♈️ to Taurus ♉️ to First Quarter Moon to: dealing with emotional clouds

Wednesday January 20

The Aries Moon has been void of course since early morning, burning off the built up momentum to take new action. At 11:56 am, MT, the Moon moves into tough yet gentle Taurus ready to deal with the unpredictable force of Mars and Uranus joining together at 1:38 pm, for some possibly quick and unexpected aggression. At 2:02 pm, the Moon enters her first quarter phase, a time to shift one’s orientation due to something threatening and coming to a head, looming on the horizon. Inner and outer conflicts might make one feel insecure.

First Quarter Taurus ♉️ Moon : supporting personal needs

Thursday January 21

If we’ve been in a reflective state of mind for the past week, trying to get a more mature perspective on our individual lives, this Taurus moon offers some objectivity about our emotional or psychological expressions—especially if hidden forces have come into our awareness, triggering protective instincts. It’s time today to clean out our psychic space by gathering facts about our behaviors and noticing how much or how little they support what we want from life. Are we confidently caring for and nurturing our needs?

First Quarter Taurus ♉️ Moon : cultivating a spiritual connection to the Earth

Friday January 22

This Taurus Moon guides us to find a safe haven where we can ground ourselves and focus on our inner potential. This morning is optimal for cultivating a more spiritual connection to the earth. The Moon goes void of course at 2:28 pm, MT, brushing off our palpable connections to Mother Nature while we focus on the preciousness of what she offers. The Moon won’t move into mentally stimulating Gemini until after midnight. We are urged to maintain our optimism throughout this period. Listen to Moonwise tomorrow on the worldwide web at from 10:30 to 11 am, MT, for the weekend moon minute.

First Quarter to Gibbous Gemini ♊️ Moon: refreshing vitality and pushing through

Weekend January 23 & 24

This Gemini Moon beckons us to refresh our vitality and spirit to raise our consciousness and hopefully that of those we interact with today. We need to be sharp to positively meet challenges. The Sun and Saturn come together to offer guidance in dealing with our karma. On Sunday at 4:53 pm, MT, the Moon enters her gibbous phase when we need to reaffirm a resolve to act according to spiritual principles and extend what is possible even if we don’t have all the information we feel is needed. It’s enough to appreciate where we are and follow signs which seem to guide us.

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