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Moon Minutes for January 25 -31

Gibbous Gemini ♊️ to Cancer ♋️ Moon : making productive adjustments

Monday January 25

The Gemini Moon is void of course this morning increasing our awareness of subtleties. Our thoughts might meander more than usual. At 11:52 am, MT, the Moon moves into habit-proned Cancer. Yet adjustments to the usual structure of Mondays is advised to avoid some challenges. Alternatives, however, might also have their vulnerabilities. The use of imagination might provide a perspective that will free up resources to have a most productive day. The Cancer in us can easily adapt to situations and find what is needed to have desired outcomes.

Gibbous Cancer ♋️ Moon : providing comfort and cosiness

Tuesday January 26

The hard-shelled Cancer Moon promotes many options for the day, such as different ways of dealing with problems from a variety of perspectives, as well as, urges to get involved in tough issues. Most of all there’s an attraction to whatever makes you smile and feel loved. Those behaviors attract our attention today, and it’s rewarding to feed them. The Cancer part of us is very attuned to our metaphorical hugs and cosiness. We just need to bring together those people or things that do that for us. It could be as simple as a cup of tea done with a special touch.

Gibbous Cancer ♋️ to Leo ♌️ Moon : accepting uncertainty

Wednesday January 27

This gibbous Cancer Moon brings about a quickening of a realization of the what an immersion into one’s spiritual life can imply about our sense of humanity, and how important that is in a state of worldwide changes. The Moon goes void of course at 10:55 am, MT, washing off the last degrees of relief-providing Cancer until tonight. During this time it’s best to simply accept uncertainty. At 7:54 pm, the Moon moves into the dramatic range of Leo, when we might witness the extremes of behavior we are capable of—those calm reflexive ones to excitable turbulence.

Gibbous to Full Leo ♌️ Moon to: lighting up personal insights

Thursday January 28

The Leo Moon knows the importance of identifying our behavioral patterns so that we can better celebrate various aspects of ourselves. Distinct levels of our spiritual lives can show up this morning, drawing up gratitude for emerging powerful forces. At 12:16 pm, MT, we have a full Moon in Leo, lighting up insights about one’s personal life that can renew and refresh future plans. Later in the day the Moon’s contact with the planet Jupiter and the Sun’s with Jupiter, as well, can bring bursts of luck, especially with influencing friends and colleagues.

Full Leo ♌️ Moon : letting one’s spirit shine forth

Friday January 29

This Leo Moon reflects a need to let one’s spirit shine forth publicly. Our hearts can be delighting in the powerful forces working on our behalf. Emerging thoughts can be seeking to express the best in each moment. The Moon goes void of course at 6:53 pm, MT, until after midnight. During this time dreams of sharing the beautiful spirit this world displays may come to mind. Listen to Moonwise tomorrow on the worldwide web at from 10:30 to 11 am, MT, for the weekend moon minute.

Full Virgo ♍️ Moon : reflecting on interactions

Weekend January 30 & 31

The Virgo Moon begins the weekend with that sign’s planet, Mercury, going retrograde, telling us to reflect on new patterns of communication or interactions with others. Special hidden senses might offer suggestions on that today. Sharing some time might trigger responses which indicate the spiritual level of one’s exchanges. Sunday morning we may see how our working with others influences our spiritual lives. Later in the day the part that one’s emotional preferences takes in our serving a higher purpose comes to mind, and we are encouraged to take the best out of each moment.

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