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Moon Minutes for January 4-10

Disseminating Virgo ♍️ to Libra ♎️ Moon: attending to being happy

Monday January 4

The Virgo Moon encourages us to find ways of refreshing those everyday things which bring us happiness. Perhaps we need to make a list of them and note their value for us. Which ones meet our social standards and trigger joyous understanding? The Moon goes void of course at 2:34 pm, MT, until late tonight. Deep concentration and focus on a chosen form of meditation can be mysteriously revealing during this time. We may need to find a spot for doing this and screen out certain factors. The Moon moves into harmonizing Libra at 10:42 pm.

Disseminating Libra ♎️ Moon: choosing compatible surroundings

Tuesday January 5

This Libra Moon reminds us to see the ideal in even the darkest, most miserable thing. Often obstacles and unpleasant problems can trigger satisfactory solutions in one’s mind. All sorts of ideas can break through one’s unconscious mind this morning. Libra can envision a collection of things associated with one’s surroundings. Internal connections, as well as separations, can go through one’s mind as various entanglements can be imagined. Libra can refine our pursuit of happiness by honing our senses to choose compatible surroundings.

Last Quarter Libra ♎️ Moon: attending to messages from our minds

Wednesday January 6

The Libra Moon entered her last quarter phase at 2:37 am, MT, when the subconscious messages are telling us to sort out our feelings about being responsible for our happiness. We need to pay attention to both public and private concerns. Being alert to these matters may provide an opening for novel insights into them from our unconscious minds. Realistic ideas about possible shifts pop up about how to handle gloomy behaviors. An open mind can offer all sorts of responses to negative information, keeping the flow of interaction sympathetic. The Moon goes void of course at 10:55 pm, gently shaking off Libra’s thoughtful flow until after midnight.

Last Quarter Scorpio ♏️ Moon: pursuing a natural course of action

Thursday January 7

Early this morning by highlighting Mars as it begins its sojourn through the sign of Taurus, the Scorpio Moon stimulates our energies to pursue a natural course of action regarding some interpersonal difficulties. Emotional surges can arise over interferences with one’s freedom of movement. It’s best to focus on optimal possibilities. Exploring them might offer perspectives which make any changes palatable. The afternoon and evening are good times for spreading one’s feelings and perceptions.

Last Quarter Scorpio ♏️ Moon: noticing various shifts of activating energy

Friday January 8

The transformative Scorpio Moon is accompanied by several planetary shifts: two days ago Mars moved into Taurus, indicating slow and steady can get things done. Today Mercury leaped into Aquarius and Venus sauntered into Capricorn. The former quickening our thoughts, and the latter attracting us to responsible relationships. A lot of differing qualities are transmitting information about various perspectives on how each of us carries our duties. The Moon goes void of course at 6:59 pm, MT, releasing underlying patterns of behavior until early tomorrow morning.

Last Quarter to Balsamic Sagittarius ♐️ Moon: emphasizing one’s independence

Weekend January 9 & 10

The Sagittarius Moon warms up our reactions to things looming into our awareness and tells us to be prepared for social exchanges. Keeping one’s distance might be a wise consideration, especially if based on an understanding of group dynamics related to the desire to win. Summon up the courage to act independently. Be receptive to new ideas and unusual behavior. Simple logic might even suggest a deviation from ordinary responses. On Sunday we might feel like leaving behind some recent exploration of spirituality or metaphysics, if only to pursue some new perspectives on those topics. The Moon goes void of course at 11:29 am, MT, Sunday, dousing the zeal of Sagittarius until Monday morning.

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