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Moon Minutes for the Week of December 14-December 20

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Balsamic to New Sagittarius ♐️ to Capricorn ♑️ Moon: meditating on the positive

Monday December 14

The early morning balsamic Sagittarius Moon is optimal for daydreaming or meditating. The Moon leaves her balsamic phase at 9:17 am, MT, when she starts a new phase with the Sun by eclipsing it (not visible in the northern hemisphere), and suggesting that we stop complaining and/or neglecting daily chores and grab every opportunity to express the bright side of life. The Moon also goes void of course as she conjoins with the Sun, giving us plenty of time to imagine all kinds of ways of expressing cheerfulness. Especially as that relates to a new endeavor begun last summer. The Moon enters thoughtful Capricorn at 8:35 pm, energizing seeing things differently.

New Capricorn ♑️ Moon: finding pleasure

Tuesday December 15

This Capricorn Moon suggests we take responsibility for our moods today and try to keep them upbeat! We can have a pleasant time by looking for openings to stir up optimism and use a trigger to keep that attitude all day. The planet Venus moves into Sagittarius this morning, offering memories of good times with companions. And Chiron goes direct this afternoon, inspiring us to bring forth our better selves by eliminating some negativity. This Capricorn Moon can motivate us to find pleasure in all that we do.

New Capricorn ♑️ to Aquarius ♒️ Moon: finding and feeling happiness

Wednesday December 16

This Capricorn Moon reminds us that we are responsible for our happiness. Today we can anticipate times and places to immerse ourselves in a sunny disposition. The planet Saturn leaves Capricorn and moves into Aquarius at 10:04 pm, MT, telling us that the future can be restructured or reorganized. Thirty minutes later the Moon goes void of course for almost an hour of distorting future possibilities. At 11:27 pm, the Moon moves into progress-oriented Aquarius, strengthening any resolve to change.

New to Crescent Aquarius ♒️ Moon: spreading good feelings

Thursday December 17

This Aquarius Moon is offering us the opportunity to transcend our human differences and unite in spirit to deal with our collective problems. We can choose to be a unique example of the way things ought to be. The Moon enters her crescent phase at 8:02 pm, MT, when determination is needed to move forward cheerfully. There might be resistance or hesitancy, but focusing on spreading good feelings can motivate us to take the next step. The Aquarius part of us can be determined to improve, not only self, but humanity in general.

Crescent Aquarius ♒️ Moon: calmly facing difficulties

Friday December 18

This Aquarius Moon transmits strong energy to co-ordinate our interactions. We can balance needs and develop ongoing current conditions. By facing up to our instinctual reactions to upsets, we can direct them in a positive manner. Aquarius is concerned about those resources we all share. That part of us can make rational decisions about common problems. Wherever Aquarius is in one’s chart, there is often some reforming occurring. Maintaining one’s calm while dealing with disruptions can support us in coming up with solutions. Listen to Moonwise tomorrow on the worldwide web at from 10:30 to 11 am, MT, for the weekend moon minute.

Crescent Aquarius ♒️ to Pisces ♓️ Moon: interacting with others in spirit

Weekend December 19 & 20

The Moon left self-observant Aquarius early this morning and moved into sensitive Pisces. Our feelings are fired up for social interactions today. Yet it will take some novel maneuvering to engage with others. Pisces, however, can be highly creative. Jupiter, one of Pisces planets, enters Aquarius this morning, offering lots of ideas for new endeavors. The Sun and Mercury meet up at 8:26 pm, MT, highlighting our social communications. Mercury moves into thoughtful Capricorn Sunday afternoon at 4:07 pm, while the Pisces Moon deepens our spiritual awareness.

Disseminating to Last Quarter Virgo ♍️ Moon: taking responsibility for behavior

Monday December 7

The Virgo Moon triggers an outpouring of more insights about one’s truths, assisting us in better understanding of the principles which guide us. At 5:37 pm, MT, the Moon enters her last quarter phase when we are urged to take responsibility for our behavior regarding the truths we believe in and advocate. This may take some consideration of how the complex principles that guide our lives get simplified in our daily lives and renew our vitality. We need to establish conditions that exemplify our convictions.

Last Quarter Virgo ♍️ to Libra ♎️ Moon: re-aligning with our beliefs

Tuesday December 8

The Virgo Moon awakens us with insights into the myths we’ve immersed ourselves into and live by. Today we can clearly grasp how our souls guide us in forming our connections with certain kinds of communities. Our attention is drawn to re-aligning with larger applications of our truths. The Moon goes void of course at 3:35 pm, MT, sweeping off the discernment of Virgo for about an hour and a half. External stimuli can be distracting. At. 5:04 pm, She moves into clarifying Libra. We can relate to the essential philosophical assumptions of our beliefs.

Last Quarter Libra ♎️ Moon: accepting social conditions

Wednesday December 9

This Libra Moon brings up a lot of “if only’s”, such as what would this holiday season be like if only Covid never took over how we’ve lived this past year. We wouldn’t have had to let things emerge step by step, month by month. It’s been as if we’ve been living in hiding instead of openly engaged in social milieus. The future looks somewhat promising, but nostalgia for past holidays might prevail. Tolerance is needed to emotionally be sustained, and living by spiritual principles can help us be with the realities of our present dilemma.

Last Quarter Libra ♎️ to Scorpio ♏️ Moon: assessing adherence to beliefs

Thursday December 10

Thursday begins with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the powerful impulses which reinforce the truths that nourish our experiences. Today we can be aware of those results and the see hidden connections. Our personal interpretations of our progress in adhering to our principles might suggest some areas needing improvement. We can assess our current state and re-align if warranted. The Moon goes void of course at 5:56 pm, MT, for an hour of fanning aside the ideals of Libra, enabling some healing experiences. At 6:59 pm, She moves into the passions of Scorpio.

Last Quarter to Balsamic Scorpio ♏️ Moon: letting future possibilities germinate

Friday December 11

The Scorpio Moon leaves the re-organizing last quarter phase at 2:49 am, MT, and enters her balsamic phase when future possibilities germinate. There are deep emotional surges urging us to store up for a better future. Our senses can tap into foreshadowings which support our beliefs, as well as past cooperative projects which were helpful. We may, nevertheless, feel drawn to take care of ourselves by cultivating our personal needs. Of course we need to let our social life emerge step by step as we closely observe the commonly shared conditions. Listen to Moonwise tomorrow on the worldwide web at from 10:30 to 11 am, MT, for the weekend moon minute.

Balsamic Scorpio ♏️ to Sagittarius ♐️ Moon: following the impulses of our souls

Weekend December 12 & 13

This Scorpio Moon offers rejuvenated excitement for possible pleasures. We might envision being at the edge of re-aligning our current set-up to one that truly evolves our souls. The Moon goes void of course at 6:58 pm, MT, scrubbing off Scorpio’s darkness for a half hour of letting go of ego’s demands. At 7:39 pm, She moves into uplifting Sagittarius. Our confidence may be enhanced on Sunday, as there is increased awareness of needing to find better conditions. And inspirations are building up in our minds. Insights about things emerging suggest that some of our problems need extreme solutions.

Past Week

Full Eclipsed Gemini ♊️ Moon /: studying perspective more closely

Monday November 30

At 2:30 am, MT, we have a full Moon eclipsed by the earth. This shadowing of the Moon represents an obscuring of our seeing clearly how the influence of some espoused truths affect us. We may need to study and critique them more closely. This may entail re-interpreting details or cultural ideals and assumptions, as well as questioning the status quo. Discussions about any uncertainties regarding commonly held beliefs can help to sort out one’s thoughts. Even reading about the views which seem to be unclear at this time can be provocative. The Moon goes void of course at 9:22 pm, until tomorrow night, which can bring up misunderstandings.

Full Gemini ♊️ to Cancer ♋️ Moon : adjusting thoughts of how to deal with change

Tuesday December 1

This void of course Gemini Moon tells us there are several options for maneuvering around what we think to be truth. And the planet Mercury moves into Sagittarius at 12:51 pm, MT, creating thoughts of a shared reality. Most of this Tuesday has to do with adjusting our thinking to fit the social patterns which have developed during this worldwide pandemic which has curtailed our contacts with others. The Moon moves into comforting Cancer at 8:33 pm, bringing recollections of how we’ve dealt with past needs for change.

Full Cancer ♋️ Moon : making some changes

Wednesday December 2

This Cancer Moon suggests we make some changes for the sake of safety and comfort that will get us past some recent unpleasant problems. Trying out a few novel behaviors might produce surprising results and eliminate some of the inertia commonly felt these days. Many insights can be had by rising above recent stresses and not holding onto distressing emotions. Possibilities are unlimited. Of course we must accept our experiences, but that does not limit us from playfully structuring a new reality in our minds. Our unlimited imaginations can be promising.

Full Cancer ♋️ Moon : moving beyond present conditions

Thursday December 3

Today’s Cancer Moon represents the psychic mind penetrating through the muck of our present collective reality to get a clear picture of what’s been jelling. Moving beyond present conditions might involve finding a safe niche in which to feel relaxed in spite of problems. It’s best to set aside assumptions and projections. It might help to be versatile while handling emotional needs and isolation. We may get some clarity on hidden personal needs during these troubling times, as more information is available.

Disseminating Cancer ♋️ to Leo ♌️ Moon to: expressing greater freedom

Friday December 4

At 1:27, MT, this morning, the Moon entered her disseminating phase when recognizing the personal value of this lunation occurs and suggests we bring a new element into our lives, something that enhances the truths we hold dear. An hour later the Moon goes void of course until 5:53 am, when She moves into dramatic Leo. The energy of this sign can help us see beyond current emotional conditions to the deeper core of our situations. More confidence is available to express greater freedom. Listen to Moonwise tomorrow on the worldwide web at from 10:30 to 11 am, MT, for the weekend moon minute.

Disseminating Leo ♌️ to Virgo ♍️ Moon : exercising and analyzing

Weekend December 5 & 6

This Leo Moon brings renewed vitality as greater understanding of troubling factors unfolds. Despite recent deprivations, a hidden gentleness prevails this morning. There’s a strong desire for physical activity that can transport one’s mind to magical places. At 3:28 pm, MT, the Moon goes void of course until tomorrow afternoon. There can be exhilaration throughout the rest of Saturday. On Sunday morning we might be aroused by a challenge. At 12:46 pm, Sunday, the Moon moves into analyzing Virgo. We might have insights into some basic philosophical assumptions.


First Quarter Pisces ♓️ Moon : thinking about our spiritual legacy

Monday November 23

This morning’s Pisces Moon feels like a warm blanket of support similar to teachers whose influence brought greater insights into our lives as students and prepared us for our personal missions. Throughout the day, minds may be filled with elusive thoughts about an emerging spiritual legacy for human beings. We need to look deeply into our beliefs and ideals to express the present state of their strengths and weaknesses. Otherwise we won’t be able to determine the deeper implications of the guidance we seek from others.

First Quarter Pisces ♓️ to ♈️ Moon : considering solutions

Tuesday November 24

The Pisces Moon is void of course since 3:44 am, MT, rinsing off the vital forces that sustain our ideals with a preference for retreating. At 8:05 am, She moves into energizing Aries, encouraging us to focus on our personal views of current public concerns. When doing this, consider the value of the assumptions rooted under your perceptions. Not only will personal shortcomings and sufferings come to mind but also those of others during these times. This day is optimal for giving attention to solutions, either your own or those of others.

First Quarter to Gibbous Aries ♈️ Moon to: getting a fuller understanding of perspectives

Wednesday November 25

This Aries Moon directs our attention to some bright possibilities, perhaps triggered by encounters with others. Important information can be passed on in these interactions. In such exchanges, it’s worth noting the force behind one’s convictions or that of another. Our sharing with others is highly energized today and loaded with self-realizations. At 11:19 am, MT, the Moon enters her gibbous phase when there’s a surge of will power to cultivate a fuller understanding of how one deals with the influence of gut feelings about important matters.

Gibbous Aries ♈️ to Taurus ♉️ Moon : focusing on nurturing insights

Thursday November 26

The Aries Moon sharpens our focus on nurturing those insights we’ve accepted from others. We can do this by noticing the adjustments we’ve made to be more in sync with them. Many ideas about additional changes can pop into our minds. Some might be able to fulfill what we aspire to be, based on the wisdom we’ve experienced in adopting those perceptions of influential teachers. The Moon goes void of course at 4:46 pm, MT, for four hours of burning off the enthusiasm of Aries. That space of time is good for examining one’s dedication. At 8:43 pm, the Moon moves into stabilizing Taurus.

Gibbous Taurus ♉️ Moon : getting a more precise view of a chosen perspective

Friday November 27

The Taurus Moon provides a sense of groundedness in finding ways to live according to wise teachings. Today’s adjustments might involve some charming innovations or polite disruptions which can ultimately lead to improvements. They might provide evidence for supporting one’s beliefs and enhance appreciation for the direction taken. By the end of the day it might be easier to articulate why and how one is dedicated to a particular view of something. Listen to Moonwise tomorrow on the worldwide web at from 10:30 to 11 am, MT, for the weekend moon minute.

Gibbous Taurus ♉️ to Gemini ♊️ Moon : exploring ideas and getting clarity

Weekend November 28 & 29

This Taurus Moon offers a new basis for exploring metaphysical ideas behind the physical and cultural forces in one’s life. There are many ways to do this with Neptune going direct this afternoon. Walking alone in nature is one in which we can simply let things emerge step by step in our minds. Breakthroughs might surprise us. The Moon goes void of course Sunday at 5:48 am, MT, sweeping off earthy Taurus until 9:16 am, when She moves into informative Gemini, exhibiting persistence at getting clarity on how one goes about adopting another’s principles on how to live.

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