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Moon Minutes for week of December 21-27

Crescent Pisces ♓️ to Aries ♈️ to First Quarter Moon: planning ahead & taking action

Monday December 21

Astrologically this is a busy and significant beginning of winter. The Sun left Sagittarius at 3:02 am, MT, and moved into Capricorn, marking the winter solstice. Twenty-three minutes later the Pisces Moon went void of course for twelve hours, leaving us in a daze about this new solar year that also begins with a new twenty year Jupiter Saturn cycle at 11:21 am. It’s a day for planning innovations, and at 3:32 pm, the Moon moves into adventurous Aries, ready to explore novel possibilities. The Moon enters her first quarter phase at 4:41pm, directing us to move into exciting activities which lift our spirits!

First Quarter Aries ♈️ Moon: exploring new horizons

Tuesday December 22

This Aries Moon awakens us to attend to our agendas cheerfully and get things done. Whatever our goals are, there’s confidence and inspiration available to grasp what is needed to perform successfully. Embracing what shows up and is accomplished can renew our vitality and leave us feeling like we’re being blessed with an inner focus. The Aries part of us is always in search for more and is insatiable for new experiences which increase the contentment one feels in making progress. Today is for exploring and accessing new horizons.

First Quarter Aries ♈️ Moon: focusing on aspirations

Wednesday December 23

This Aries Moon suggests we focus on our aspirations with an expectation of fulfilling them. But first we’re urged to examine our beliefs that support our actually having what we want. Perhaps some of us are dabbling in wishful thinking. There is, however a sense of promise today that calls for building up momentum. The Moon goes void of course at 3:51 pm, MT, until early tomorrow morning. During this time our dreams of future possibilities can motivate us to make plans which can stimulate our minds to consider all sorts of ideas.

First Quarter Aries ♈️ to Taurus ♉️ Moon: detaching from the usual

Thursday December 24

The Moon left energetic Aries early this morning and moved into stabilizing Taurus, awakening us with concerns about maintaining happiness this holiday season. She encourages us to choose staying home above other options. By deciding what we really need, we can simplify our enticements and transcend normal holiday concerns. This Taurus Moon tells us to draw from our inner resources and be farsighted in our conclusions, unless we want to learn from experience and possible suffering. Detached objectivity is called for.

First Quarter to Gibbous Taurus ♉️ Moon: imagining a positive future

Friday December 25

This Taurus Moon offers us an earthy grasp of how our world situation is shaping up and suggests we imagine positive dreams of the future. That may be the best gift we can give everyone. At 8:02 pm, MT, the Moon enters her gibbous phase when we can get a whiff of what’s coming into fullness related to our happiness. Each of us in our own way needs to meet the collective challenges of the present epidemic and strive to do our part in keeping us all well. Merry Christmas! Listen to Moonwise tomorrow on the worldwide web at from 10:30 to 11 am, MT, for the weekend moon minute.

Gibbous Taurus ♉️ to Gemini ♊️ Moon: taking in insights

Weekend December 26 & 27

The Taurus Moon is void of course since early this morning, sweeping off its sweetness and natural beauty while we may find pleasure elusive. The Moon moves into curious Gemini at 4:33 pm, MT, and our expectations might be surprised by the timing of certain events. On Sunday observations lead to re-interpreting the details of some interactions. This might involve expressing how one feels about dealing with the lack of socializing with one’s friends. There can be sudden insights into the plight of the masses. Our inner resources are being shaken up, loosening new perspectives on the human condition.

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